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Romanian SAR 1 Romanian AK-47 SAR-1 7.62x39 Cal
Romanian AK-47 SAR-1 new in box rifles, original pistol grip configuration, accepts all standard 30rd mags or drums (comes with one 10rd mag). Includes sling & cleaning kit.
Price: $298.50
Romanian AK-47 PAR-1 Romanian PAR-1
New AK-47 Pump action type rifle, (California legal, Not semi-auto!) In 7.62x39 caliber. Comes with sling. Has no magazine. Will accept all standard double stack AK-47 magazines.
Price: $298.50
Armalite rifle Armalite AR-10T 308 Rifle
308 caliber Flat-top, 24" triple lapped, free-floated, stainless heavy barrel, 1:11.25 twist, with 2 stage national match trigger. Comes w/ 10rd magazine.
Price: $2,080.00
Armalite Rifle Armalite AR-10B, The Original
308 caliber, Original upper with charging handle inside the carry handle. 20" chrome lined barrel with muzzlebrake, 1:12 twist. Brown Sudanese Stock, and famed Pegasus Logo. Comes w/ 10rd magazine.
Price: $1,635.00
Spanish mauser Spanish 1943 La Coruna Mauser, 8mm caliber
Spanish 8mm Mausers, with La Coruna crest. Fair condition, will have some corrosion and/or pitting.
Price: $49.95
M-14 rifle M-14 Sporter
308 caliber M-14 U.S. military pattern rifles, made by Norinco. 308 caliber, uses standard M-14/M1A mags (Not included). In very good condition.
Price: $598.50
H&K G-3 Type, 308 Caliber Rifle
308 caliber G-3 Type battle Rifle, semi auto with 20rd magazine. Has new receiver, in excellent condition overall, with muzzle brake.
Price: $469.95
Russian VEPR II Rifle VEPR II Russian 308 caliber
The VEPR II rifle is based on the high quality RPK receiver and has been equipped with an synthetic ergonomic buttstock, pistol grip, and handguard for better handling and greater accuracy. Comes with 10rd 308 mag.
Price: $599.95 each
CZ-550 FS CZ-550 Full Stock Rifle 6.5X55
6.5x55 Swede Mauser caliber. Has Mannlicher style walnut full stock, blued finish, shorter 20.5" bbl, and set trigger. Has hinged floorplate and holds 5 rounds. Receiver is grooved for CZ scope rings. Comes with open sights.
Price: $519.95