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IMI Negev .223 Belt Fed Machine gun
$8,900.00 shipped

Each Negev comes with:
Tritium sighted quick change barrels (2 each)
200 round soft drum for belted ammo
M-16 magazine adapter and 3 M-16 magazines
Manual, Accessory pouch with Cleaning kit
Assault sling and Military crate
Steyr AUG
.223 Caliber, Excellent condition, with green stock set, forward handgrip, and scope.
Price: $11,995.00

Colt M-16
223 caliber, Very Good condition, Original Colt MG, has flash-hider, and bayonet lug, fully transferable.
Price: $7,495.00
Olympic Arms X-16 A1
223 caliber, Excellent condition, Has flash-hider, and bayonet lug, fully transferable.
Price: $6,495.00
H&K G-3
308 caliber, New in box condition, fully transferable.
Price: $7,495.00
Sendra XM-15 E
223 caliber, Excellent condition, has flashider, bayonet leg, fully transferable.
Price: $5,495.00
Suppressor for M-10 45acp cal.
Made by Weapons Specialty, model SS2
Price: $300.00
M2 HB 50bmg Machine Gun
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