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Beretta 96 DAO

Beretta 96 Centurion DAO 40cal
These guns are a large batch of trade-ins, they are all blue finish and are double action only. Available in Very Good Condition w/ 10rd mag at $378.50, or Very Good Plus Condition w/ 11rd full capacity mag at $398.50.

AOD 1911 Pit Bull  Auto Ordnance Pit-Bull 45ACP
45ACP caliber compact size 1911, blued finish with rubber or plastic grips. Shot Show Demo guns, like new in box. Comes with one magazine.
Price: $398.50
S&W 1917 45 Hand ejector  S&W 1917, 45ACP Hand Ejector Revolvers
We have a few of these, they were made in 1930's/40's for delivery to Brazil and have the Brazilian seal stamped on the right side. In between good and very good condition. Uses 45ACP with half-moon clips (clips not included), 5.5" bbl.
Price: $398.50
Smith & Wesson 4006 S&W 4006 Pistols, 40S&W Cal.
40 cal pistols, stainless steel, with low profile 3-dot night sights. Used, in very good condition.
Price: $428.50
Ballester Molina Ballester-Molina 1911 Style 45 ACP Pistol
Famous Argentine military/police sidearm. Based on the Colt 1911 (but not interchangeable except for magazine) These are complete and functioning, but will show a good amount of wear on the grips and finish - but fun to shoot! C&R eligible too!
Price: $189.95
Grendel P-12 Pistol Grendel P-12, 380 ACP
Grendel is now out of business, but we have a small shipment of these nice compact carry pistols, 380ACP caliber, new in box. They are polymer frame, DAO, with an 11 rd magazine.
Price: $168.50
FEG PA-63 9x18 caliber
Back in stock! Compact Walther style lightweight pistol in 9x18 caliber. Hungarian surplus in very good condition.
Price: $89.95
  Super Special!!  All Handgun Ammo ON SALE!!!
50 round box . . . $7.95
250 rounds . . . $37.50 /$7.50